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Vel Neptune

Your Friendly Neighborhood Empath

About Me 

All my life I have been a compassionate person, offering a safe, sacred space for others to be their True Selves. My name is Vel, and I am an Intuitive Channel, Medium, and Spiritual Advisor here on this construct of Earth. I offer my services in ways that are genuine, caring, honest, and fun, to promote the healthy balance of mind/body/spirit. I am here to awaken those that may have been asleep to their own Divinity, and guide those that want to further their spiritual and energetic practices. I truly believe every one is One and One with God, and have all they need within them to be the healer they are looking for. I empower YOU to utilize your Divine energy to create whatever is in your Highest and Best good here! <3

Vel Mary Neptune

Mystical Arts Maven

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