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Giving it up to God

It turns people away to think of surrendering, Why would they want to give up? We have a natural fight in us, one that is unwavering and as strong as the blade forged in the flames. And asking us to surrender ourselves, our power, our situations, our families, children, jobs, projects, over to someone/something else seems against our nature. When in actuality, it is being looked at in a way that is not empowering us as aspects of the Holy Spirit which is what we are. When we surrender, give it up to God, ask Him to carry away our burdens and wash away our pains, we ultimately UNION with HIM. We are honoring that WE are ASPECTS of DIVINE ENERGY/GOD and that WE ARE ALLOWING THIS ENERGY TO OPERATE THROUGH US TO BALANCE OUT THE SITUATION/INTENTION WE ARE EMITTING. This is not surrendering to someone or something, this is surrendering your ego to the thought that your 3d human self has the answers for everything. Honoring the Spirit, the Divine in you, AS you, is what it means to surrender to God. Many of us are walking around considering ourselves separate from this energy, not allowing it to flow freely through us, as is our own right! We are being allowed the experience to meet these physical and spiritual aspects as one and start to live our lives in this Knowing. That we are fully human and fully Divine. We are and never can be separate from God. And to give it up to Him, to hand it over to the Holy Spirit, is an act of empowerment to your Divinity. What brought this message on this morning was the reading for my blog post, which was the rune of partnership and the card the Ten of Spears. To me, this came through as a clear message that when you feel overburdened, heavy in the heart, and like too much is weighing on your Spirit, Mind, Body, or heart, that you can WORK WITH GOD and ask for help, ask for strength, ask for forgiveness. Ask for these aspects of you to be empowered, INFUSED with Divine Energy. You are not surrendering because you are weak, you are looking to work with your Inner Spirit which is God Given. This is how you connect with God, this is how you maintain your faith, living in Union and asking and receiving. I am in Union with Divine Spirit. <3 For those of us that have that Warrior Spirit, surrendering is not an option. This is about surrendering to the fighting parts of you that are feel unwilling, unworthy, unheard, or unloved. For any pieces that feel like they are fighting a losing battle, Keep the Faith! Feel the love that is already inside you. The Love of God that operates through every fiber of your being. You don't have to go far, you don't have to go to church to experience the church that exists within you. You are Holy. You are Spirit. You are Divine. Treat yourself as Sacred. Allow miracles to be birthed in your name! This co-creating partnership you have with God is a gift! It is THE gift! It is what you are here to experience!

Be sure to do it JOYFULLY, MINDFULLY, and with Faith, Hope, and Love. Surrender that heavy load, the ideas in your head that say you can not, or are not good enough. When you start acting and working with your Spirit anything is possible, as you are no longer operating from a limited belief system. When you are with God, anything is possible. <3 Have faith in yourself, the same that you would carry when you Pray to God. We all do it, even those that shun Him. Start being mindful about your conversation with Spirit and see where it goes. You are not surrendering your abilities, or giving up, you are opening yourself up to God to be the energy that you already are ! <3 This can be a time to take a step back from work in the material realm and settle into a more creative, spiritual side of life. <3 Hard work brings results, but what if the work we have been doing has been out of alignment with our Soul?

Great time for creative projects that are in alignment with our passions. If you need a session to delve into some of these hidden creative outlets you are harboring, I would be more than happy to help! Please feel free to message me via email or phone to set up a session! (908)-552-0554

That is all for today for now. So much love for you all. WRWY


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